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Chemawawin Cree Nation is inhibited by the Cree Indians and compromised of three reserves. The First Nation is signatory to Treaty 5 signed in 1875 Post Confederation Class. In 1963, Chemawawin First Nation was relocated from Reserve No. 1 to Reserve No. 2 when the Grand Rapids hydro station was constructed and extensive areas of the Reserve were flooded. The First Nation chose the Denbeigh Point area as Reserve No. 3 on Lake Winnipegosis as a land entitlement under the Grand Rapids Forebay Agreement. Chemawawin First Nation No.1 is located at Oleson Point on the south shore of Cedar Lake west of Easterville. This was the original site of the reserve and is no longer populated. Chemawawin First Nation No. 2 is located adjacent to the Community of Easterville on the south-east shore of Cedar Lake approximately 400 air kilometers north of Winnipeg. Chemawawin First Nation No.3 is located at the junction of Highway #60 and #327. The First Nation covers an area extending southeastward from Easterville along PR #327.

Population as of July 2006

  • On Reserve: 1213
  • Off Reserve: 303